Many of the young musicians I have met during my visits to Ukraine are now actively involved in combat and are showing their courage and bravery by defending their country and right to freedom. This film is dedicated to those musicians and all the families in Ukraine who have been affected by the ravages of war.
Peace For Ukraine
Trio d'Art with John Kenny (trombone) and Helen Reid (piano) began after our work at the Dartington International Summer Festival. We explored the repertoire for this unusual combination and discovered some gems, as well as adding some excellent new commissions! Playing complex music for this instrumentation really pushes the boundaries of interpretation and expression.
Trio d'Art brass chamber music: an insight into the music for trumpet, trombone and piano
I joined PJBE at the tender age of 23 so it was a few years ago! Philip was always incredibly popular in Japan and had a huge supporter base always eager to hear the ensemble perform. Here's PJBE playing the Jan Koetsier Brass Symphony, a work commissioned by Philip, in Tokyo during our 1981 tour of Japan.
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble live in Japan 1981
I've always enjoyed studio work with great musicians so I've included a live recording session! Debbie Wiseman wrote this for the Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre charity due to open in 2017 to provide state-of-the-art rehabilitation for injured service personnel. Debbie conducts the National Symphony Orchestra in one of the finest recording studios in the world, Air Lyndhurst in Hampstead, London.
Debbie Wiseman's SALUTE. Classic FM's tribute to the DNRC
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