This is a short video that demonstrates how scales can be used to create a simple piece of music. The idea is to encourage children to practice their scales, not because they are required for a test or exam, but for the sound world they offer and the beneficial effect playing scales can have as a foundation for creativity.
Easy Vibe for Kids
Jean Baptiste Arban wrote his celebrated Cornet Method in the the 1860s. It is still used by the vast majority of cornet and trumpet players throughout the world. I thought I would take a look at one of his most well known studies and give it a remake. I hope you enjoy it!
Arbanista No 1
Brass Wind Publications invited me to arrange some popular pieces for trumpet and piano. I thought it would be fun to record these pieces for Brass Classics so here's an arrangement for trumpet and piano of Granados� Berceuse, performed with Juliet Edwards (piano), from the CD Divertissement BC3004
Granados Berceuse from Divertissement BC3004
I've been Principal Trumpet of this pioneering ensemble since its foundation in 1992. Here I'm talking about Britten Sinfonia�s early days and the diverse repertoire the orchestra perform.
Britten Sinfonia Player Profile: Paul Archibald
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