'Anxiety nearly destroyed my love of music'
2 January 2019

The emotional story of concert pianist Eunbi Kim
Concert pianist Eunbi Kim used to feel nothing but joy when she performed, but a bullying teacher made the experience a paralysing one.
Now she has conquered her anxiety, she wants to tell people how.

Listen to Eunbi talk about her traumatic experiences HERE

Eunbi Kim is a virtuosic pianist with wide-ranging artistic sensibilities. She has commissioned new work from Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR), created a music-theatre performance inspired by the novels of Haruki Murakami, and most recently released an album called "A House of Many Rooms: New Concert Music by Fred Hersch" on Albany Records. Her recital and recording projects are frequently sparked by a fresh artistic obsession, and often present the audience with intimate and challenging subject matter—from the mental breakdowns of literary characters to the inner workings of Eunbi’s own family.

You can read more about Eunbi HERE
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